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Recently, I was reviewing the body of work from one of our greatest contemporary architects, Zaha Hadid.

One of her last residential buildings is scheduled to open its doors, models available for viewing and purchase, in 45 days.  1000 Museum, aptly titled, is all the rage in downtown Miami. It is a work of genius and innovation; it is the only building equipped with a helipad in the area. There will be 83 units, prices starting at slightly above $5 million.

Zaha was a studied mathematician, a fine artist, a degreed architect, a teacher, a creator and most of all a dreamer. She was international and profound. Born in Iraq, chiseled in the UK she became the first woman to win the famed Pritzker Prize in architecture. Rem Koolhass once described her as a "planet in her own orbit." A true super nova.

Who said girls are not good at math, numbers, hammering or building? I have three daughters, two of whom look up to and want to be architects like Zaha.

Zaha shares a birthday with my youngest daughter, October 31st.

Ironically, Zaha left us on March 31st, 2016.

Perhaps there is some beauty in numerology, order, 31 days and ultimately the imperfect disorder of life. Zaha would know how to make sense of it all. Rest in peace, Zaha.

1000 Museumis an indelible addition to Miami's vibrant skyline; Zaha's legacy and body of work will forever spark the imagination of the next generation.

Enjoy this brief video on a real, global icon. And for a private viewing of 1000 Museum, please let me know:


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