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AUTHOR: 37 Seconds

Years ago, working in NYC media, I met Stephanie Arnold, an Emmy award-winning TV producer. It'd been years since we spoke. Suddenly, I am thinking of her and then I see her on Facebook, touting a best selling book based on her experience flat-lining while giving birth to her second child. I know, sounds like a Netflix series.

While pregnant, Stephanie had detailed premonitions. She explained to her family, friends and doctors how she was going to die giving birth with exacting precision. Most around her thought she was being anxious or that the hormones were taking over. Thankfully, because some--like her anesthesiologist-- did believe her, she is with us today. Stephanie did indeed go into cardiac arrest, flat lined for 37 seconds, and went into a six day comma. Thankfully, blood and a crash cart had been procured in the operating room, preparations made by her anesthesiologist who believed in Stephanie's premonitions.  What happened to Stephanie in those 37 seconds, her brief brush with death, is incredible (and very Oprah!) ... but I won't give it away.

After reading about her book, I had a strong feeling that I should call her. Turns out, her parents live in Palm Beach Gardens and just when I rang her, she was headed here. We reconnected over Starbucks coffee and Stephanie told me all about her speaking engagements with some of the leading medical centers. "If you sense something, say something," is Stephanie's new catch phrase. 37 Seconds is a fascinating read that begs a re-examination of our own life and our own moments of intuition. Available on Amazon or your favorite book store. Stephanie has also made appearances on Steve Harvey, Megan Kelly and Good Morning America.

Click on her video link above. I have a feeling you'll like this one! XO, BPB


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