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Raising girls is not easy. I don't want to hear that things have changed. I bet cave women some 35,000 years ago chased down their girls with bison bones for wearing too-short hide huggers and talking smack to their Mommas!

I have two teenage girls with some Neanderthal tendencies.Their antics cause me to do mental backflips and psychological pilates. But they are also fun, funny, curious and kind. And they remind me of someone I knew a long time ago. (ahem!)

Like all teens, they need direction--even if they think they drew the original Amerigo Vespucci map of the Americas.

Thankfully, today there are many entrepreneurial, kick ass women building strong networks to empower and connect this generation of girls. I am always blown away at the village access teen girls have today.

This SATURDAY at the LILLY PULITZER store in the PALM BEACH GARDENS Mall you and your teen tribe can meet influencer ILLANA RAIA, former attorney turned girl empoweress and the creator of the website Etre. The idea grew out of Raia wanting her daughter to meet all kinds of successful women over lunch, ask questions and open her mind to the possibilities that would greet her after graduation. This singular lunch turned into a curated website so everywoman's daughter can find mentorship, volunteer opportunities, career advice, happiness hacks and more. "Etre is like your big sister or wise aunt," says Raia. "We still do our lunch and learns for girls, but we are getting into so many other platforms." Raia's site is an internet and insta- sensation. And now Lilly Pulitzer has created a fabulous clementine print with Etre's ethos stamped all over it (be smart, be creative, be charitable, etc.) and they are sponsoring the tour for RAIA's new book: Etre: Girls, Who Do You Want to Be?

"This is an incredible collaboration for us," Raia tells BPB. "We are only three years old, but already we are growing and making such an impact on girls of all ages. We still do our lunch and learns, but we are now trying to bring our platform to so many new cities and scale our program through ambassadors."

Etre has certainly found who it wants to be. The question is ... has your daughter found the answer? Come join the party this Saturday!


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