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Updated: May 19, 2020

I love locals who are stepping up to the plate in the most amazing ways: Including making Italian fabric cloth masks in the most frothy and femme sherbet patterns that make one dream of Capri, even if we can't quite give two kisses.

Meet Caryna Nina, an exclusive, haute couture designer that splits her time between Palm Beach, Greenwich and Martha's Vineyard. She is best known for her one-of-a-kind silk wrap dresses and tops worn by the Palm Beach cognoscenti. "I am all about empowering women. I want them to have their own identity and step out feeling fierce."

Pitching in during Covid19's protective gear shortage, Caryna Nina launched a fierce, small capsule collection of masks on her Instagram this week and in only an hour she had sold out.

"I had no idea what a stir this was going to create. Now I'm finishing a second and soon a third batch," she says. "I'm not only honored that people love them, but that they trust me to make a safe product locally, that is shipped through priority mail and usually will arrive--if you're in Florida--in two days."

The blond beauty and animal rights activist has been designing her apparel line for 20 years, and proudly produces all her collections in the United States. Her marvelous masks are $15, have elasticized backs that go behind the ears and can be sanitized in the washing machine and dryer. To order yours, message @carynanina1 on instagram. To learn more about this haute couture trailblazer, check out her website at

Photo Credit: CarynaNina (she's the gal leaning against the pistachio Vespa.


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