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Updated: Apr 5, 2020

I love pasta.

Damn, I love a plate of swoon-worthy, al-dente, sauced up fettuccini, rigatoni or bucatini. I know it has gluten. And I've partaken in the chick-pea, jerusalem artichoke or lentil pastas ... but sometimes, you've got to have the real thing.

I can pretty much indulge in pasta-any-style, nothing satisfies like a plate of bolognese.

From Bologna (not far from my Dad's hometown of Parma!), there are many ways to make this thick, hearty, wintery meat sauce. For those looking for the perfect plate for an early dinner, head over to Limoncello on PGA and US-1 in PB Gardens. Other stand-out bolognese sauces include Sant Ambroeus in Palm Beach, La Sirena in West Palm (it's featured as a special from time to time), Santucci's in West Palm and Lynora's in West Palm, Jupiter or Alton.

Of course, be on the lookout for my Nonna's famed recipe to come. But for now, these spots should fill the cravings when we need to make an "essential food run" and support our great Palm Beach restaurants.

Don't forget to add plenty of thinly shredded Parmesan cheese and fresh cracked pepper!


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