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CURATED CURIOSITIES: Talk about that wall

Updated: May 30, 2019

While TV pundits are all worked up over building a border wall, Palm Beach designers are wondering how to wallpaper their walls. Wallpaper goes in and out of style,  but this season it is as hot as Michael Cohen’s TV testimony. From grasscloths to metallics, geometric and floral repeats, and even kid-proof synthetics, the bar is high.

We met up with the beautiful, smart and precise Annie Santulli who is having her own wallpaper affair. Santulli divulges her favorite wallpaper designers and a few ideas to note before gluing down the paper. So when the conversation of building a wall comes up again, diffuse it with a little decor know-how. This primer will certainly position you for a strong decorative–if not political– debate

You’ve waxed poetic on wallpaper …  I am obsessed with how wallpaper can completely change the personality of a space! When considering the overall aesthetic of each space I will often use wallpaper to add depth and texture. I especially love doing accent walls where bold wallpapers choices act like another accessory. With the correct application, rooms with little character or individuality can be transformed into jewel boxes.

What are some of your favorite wall covering brands?

Phillip Jeffries Winfield Thybony Pacific Designs

Which wallpaper should you stay away from? While I am not apprehensive about any texture or design, no matter how bold, when used in the proper context, I am hesitant to use certain materials because they are just too unforgiving. Wallpaper with a high sheen and some silks show how imperfect your walls are, even when you thought they were absolutely smooth. If you are set on using those materials, be sure to use a liner for a clean finish.

What should clients keep in mind when selecting wallpaper?  Wallpaper offers an opportunity for client’s to show their personalities. Patterns can add whimsy and character to any space, but size, placement and spacing of the pattern should be planned in advance especially when there is a large repeat. Also, keep in mind there will be a lot more waste lining up the pattern properly, so much more paper needs to be ordered.

We have always been told to be careful about wallpapering in a bathroom? Does that rule deserve to be flushed out? I use wallpaper in just about every bathroom I design. In a room with little furniture or place for individuality, wallpaper can add character and create a custom space. Yes, humidity can be a problem, but there are amazing vinyls made to repel moisture that will hold up well.


For almost 20 years Annie Santulli has been creating innovative custom interiors for clients residing from southeast Florida to the Hamptons. She has established herself as an exclusive designer for high-end homes and luxury yachts due to her unsurpassed mastery of myriad styles and her intuitive skill for knowing exactly what her clients need. Annie instinctively fills in the blanks providing stunning results befitting the lifestyles of her clients. Her work enhances the essence of each space as she and her team create the exquisite, inviting atmospheres her clients expect.


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