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Updated: May 30, 2019

Just Let Go

As a native Floridian and Caribbean, I grew up relaxing in hammocks hung from two palm trunks while running in and out of the sea. If only life were still a beach. Being a modern, working woman leaves few precious minutes for relaxation, yet I still feel most creative when I have given myself the luxury to levitate. To me, the traditional “U” shaped hammock mimics our first digs in the womb. I'm obsessed with that feeling (I know, I know, paging Dr. Freud!), as it is the most natural, primal and healthy state of being. Lying "U" shape alleviates back pain, allows greater blood circulation to the brain, makes for unobstructed breathing and gives pesky varicose veins a rest. For two years now I've owned my very own weatherproof hammock from La Siesta, a Colombian company renown for its traditional weave beds. It was a fabulous investment.

Yet that floating sensation is not just reserved to the hammock. I also love to wither away the minutes on a pool float or just on my back, against the saline waters of a calm, cerulean sea. It’s not only meditative, it’s restorative. So next time you think about lollygaging on Facebook or HuffPost, consider some "alone time."  

Don't think it's a waste of time--it's an amplification of time. These stolen moments clear the noise so that I can think more creatively about my clients and my family. Life hangs on a delicate--and delicious--balance.  X


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