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luxury outerwear SALE: Holubar

Join my dear friends at the newly launched The One Sale NY for a sale that will make you the hottest bunny on the slopes. Or in front of your post-pandemic fire-place. Holubar was started in 1947 by husband and wife Roy & Alice Holubar. The company has the honor of being the first American Outdoor/Mountaineering brand and the first to utilize lightweight nylon to fabricate backpacks, tents, and ultimately outerwear, now the industry standard.

All merchandise is designed and manufactured in Italy for both men and women and is de rigueur on the slopes of Aspen, the trails of Kathmandu or the sidewalks of Paris. Coats, jackets and vests are up to 80 percent off. Best part? No need to go to New York's flagship store. The sale is online and a day earlier for VIP members. Also, get a VIP membership for access to the best luxury lines--for a limited time memberships are free. So ski, jump, run ...

Happy bundling!


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