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CRIB FIX: More than just a watering hole

Updated: May 30, 2019

For a long time the abstract, free-flowing pool was all the rage. But as aesthetics and athletics merge this decade, the lap pool enjoys a resurgence. Try swimming a few freestyles on a ‘freestyle pool?’ Nearly impossible.

Yet today’s architects have freed our watering holes and made them more than just pretty reflectors. Angular and slender, they are bold statements that fit in places not typically open for swimming, such as crowded metropolises or homes perched on precipices.

The utilitarianism of the 50’s with the transitional modernism of today invites a mixing of new materials, a confluence of styles, and an unconventional use of height.

Even if you’re somewhere cold, get your mind bikini-ready with these pretty perfect lap pools below.  And pool your savings for a trip down to Palm Beach county!


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