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If you get to NYC and miss your Barcelona Connection

Don't despair. Hudson Yards newest visual and coolinary spectacle is the culinary collab between two of Spain's and the world's greatest chefs. Feran Adria and Jose Andres. Countless print and television space has documented the feats of these two, who now come together with the brilliant, post-Gaudi Barcelona architect and designer Juli Capella. It's like an amusement park of sorts for grown ups were the best tastings of the Iberian peninsula are kept authentic, yet modern. There are 3 restaurants, tapas bars and kiosks. It's the place to dine and unwind at any time of day. Feast your eyes on Capella's designs, textures, Spanish tile mosaic floors and beech chandeliers made from thin strips of wood from Valencia. Capella is one of my favorite commercial designers working the world today, so it was only too exciting to see him with his country's greatest duo. Call them, los tres amigos. BPB

Photos courtesy of Mercado Little Spain and Capella Garcia


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