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Obsessed, I've been with Giles Yeo's tome that seeks to dispel so many clean eating diet fads that are loaded with too many fake claims and dirty tricks. For example, a bag of alkaline almonds for $25 at Moon Juice? Save your twenties, they'll get an acid wash of 1.5 pH once they hit your stomach. The craze with the keto diet? This very short term fix is high in saturated fats and can lead to the dangerous condition of ketoacidosis. I mean, who the heck thought it was a good idea to add butter or coconut oil to coffee? Stick with the half and half. Also, if you have been calorie accounting on your abacus, perhaps you've missed the algorithms of caloric absorption. A calorie, is not an interchangeable calorie.

Feast or Famine? Photo credit: Rachel Park

Written by a leading Cambridge geneticist who specializes in obesity, he explains how our genes affect our food predilections and how our culture has shaped our choices. He also throws in a little Darwinian evolution and natural selection.

And finally, he has re-confirmed for me why I was correct in throwing out my Jack Lalane juicer years back (what a pain in the rear to clean that was!) and why I still cling to weekly Vitamix smoothies (the idea is to keep the fiber from your fruits and veggies).

He also weaves together many disciplines including history and anthropology. Oh, and for those still buying Paleo cookbooks on Amazon--there is plenty supporting evidence that grains were being consumed in the Paleolithic period ... but hey, it had a cute ring to it.

Just read the book. But in case you are not craving a satisfying read, the Cliff Note's version is that you need to eat a balanced diet, eat less, move more and stay away from all the processed crap with an unearthly shelf life! I'm speaking to you, Twinkies!

GENE EATING, Giles Yeo, Pegasus Books

ps. OMG, and as I type this, I just noticed that my friend's publishing house is behind this gem. Even more reason to promote this it!


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