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Why do some trends soar and others nose dive?

THE AVIATION, once a popular martini from the roaring 20's, somehow lost itsflight path. Today, it's being rediscovered in bars and airport lounges across America.  How did it ever lose its following?

And then there's the mile high club, just as popular as when the Wright Brothers took flight. Frankly, getting it on in an above-air, port-a-let is hardly high-class. I'm not quite sure why that Pan-Am holdover still scintillates Kardashians and frequent fliers and why a beautiful, lavender martini is only now getting its due.

If your partial to gin and floral notes, the aviation may just turn into yourgo-to libation. Use real lemon juice (not that dribble that comes in a plastic lemon) and high quality Luxardo cherries. Retailers like Williams Sonoma and Amazon have these cherries stocked. I could literally just eat them out of the jar--and have. In fact, the charcuterie plate at Vic & Angelo's includes them. Spoon them over vanilla ice cream for a most decadent dessert for any age. Mr. Barefoot, my personal mixologist, introduced me to the cherries ... and the Aviation martini. Perhaps he's trying to coerce a mile high experience?

Well, I'm certainly not the kind of girl that sips and tells.

Cheers, from your Fly Girl ... BPB


1.5 oz gin

.5 oz fresh squeezed lemon juice

3/4 oz Luxardo liqueue

1/4 oz creme de violette

Luxardo / maraschino cherry for garnish

Combine all ingredients, minus cherry, in shaker with a cup of ice. Shake vigorously, strain into

chilled martini glass. Drop in the cherry ... ENJOY!


photo credit: Ash Edmonds


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