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Updated: May 30, 2019

Still have some extra airline miles?

This summer, Volzhenka Caviar has launched the first ever caviar bar to grace the beautiful Greek island of Mykonos. The pop-up Caviar bar launches July 14th in collaboration with Santanna Mykonos beach club, inviting guests all season long to dive into an ocean of flavor and plunge their tastebuds into the remarkable sensations ignited by this most unique of delicacies. SantAnna’s cool eco-philosophy runs throughout the bespoke menu of innovative caviar dishes inspired by regional Greek cuisine, demonstrating the luxury ingredient as fresh and contemporary in spirit, suited to breezy poolside afternoons under the bright Mediterranean sun. Guests are invited to a tasting-menu lunch, with artisanal cocktail pairings accompany each type of caviar, mixed by Beluga Vodka’s award-winning bartender. After dining, guests can soak up the late afternoon sun and dance to the laidback beats from SantAnna’s line up of internationally-acclaimed DJs.

SANTANNA, Mykonos is a multi-experiential luxury beachfront retreat embracing the organic farm-to-table movement in Greece. The 100,000 square-foot complex is more than just a “beach club” catering to an inclusive, sophisticated clientele with a chic unpretentious island attitude featuring the largest beachfront pool In Europe, “Private Islands” with subterranean lounges, the fine dining SantAnna Restaurant with sushi bar, the new casual 80-seat Beach Taverna, and the new Cigar and Shisha Lounge, A-List international music acts and DJs, and much more in one of the most sought-after destinations in the Mediterranean. SantAnna is situated in the enviable location of Paranga Beach on the southern coast of the island, keeping it well protected from Mykonos’s legendary gusty winds. The 4,000 square-feet of subterranean guest facilities include exclusive “VIP Islands” with connecting underground private lounge areas for guests to change, relax or enjoy a replenishing spa treatment. It's like an adult maze.

What sets SantAnna apart from other beach clubs is its host of bespoke concierge services offering island tours, private transportation, helicopter services, private water taxis, golf carts, private security and any other requests guests may desire. Fly me up, Greek style!

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