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For those that love bubbly water, but want to be a little more environmental and chic, check out arke's sparkling water maker that has elevated at home carbonators, and is launching a brassfinish just in time for summer.  This sparkling water maker was built for design and is much slimmer and more refined than its competitor.

For the foodie, baker, and cocktail aficionado, this is the perfect accessory to elevate his or her recipes (lighter pancakes, anyone?):  aarke's  new brass sparkling water dispenser. It's the perfect addition to any home bar-- make homemade tonics for the perfect mixer to add to your favorite vodka, gin or whiskey.

What’s more, aarke is not only brass but green! Ditch those plastic water bottles—each unit comes with a reusable 1L PET bottle, and fits a 60L carbonator cartridge-- which replaces 120 single use plastic water bottles. Users can typically get 60 liters of sparkling water out of 1 cartridge. And of course, unlike the Veuve Cliquot, this bubbly has no calories or hang over.


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